The products used by Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing are from Hawk Research Laboratories a leading supplier in bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing products. With regular use and proper care your refinished surface should last for many years. After the refinishing process, you must wait 24 hours before using the tub and 7 days before using any type of cleaning products on the tub. The refinishing products need 7 days to fully cure, and cleaning products or solutions will affect this process. You may notice some roughness that was caused by dust particles during the refinishing process. Don’t be worried as this roughness will subside after normal use of the tub and cleaning 1-3 times after the 7 day waiting period. During this waiting period, it is important to not let any standing water accumulate as the finish needs to remain dry. This is standard for all coatings in this industry. Simply wipe down the tub after use to ensure the surface is dry.

For normal cleaning, Fox Valley Bathtub does not recommend any abrasive or acid based cleaners. These can dull the surface and cause premature failure. Your refinished surface can be very slick when wet and bathmats and or stickers cannot be used. Any use of a bathmat will void the warranty.

Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing guarantees our work for 10 years prorated. In the event of any failure covered under this warranty, Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing will determine the required service needed which will be based on a prorated cost.
During the first year, Fox Valley with cover 100% of any warranty services needed. The proration calculation is based on the customer being responsible for 10% a year cumulative. Proration amount is calculated to the date Fox Valley Bathtub performs inspection and based on current rates. Upon inspection, the repair or refinish will be done in a timely manner. Fox Valley Bathtubs refinishing decision will be final. Warranty is 90 days for sinks, toilets, and appliances. No warranty is given for chip and/or crack repair. For commercial work and/or rental property the warranty period is 2 years. Countertops have a warranty period of 5 years.


This warranty does not cover any damage caused by rust, dripping faucets, chemicals, shower doors, bathmats, chips, alternation by customer, scratches or caulk. Additionally, any movement of the substrate or drain replacement is not covered. This warranty does cover runs, drips, puddles, areas not covered, discoloring, cracks and peeling. It is the customer’s responsibility to install the overflow, caulk the overflow, caulk the drain and caulk any additional areas the technician was not able to complete. Non-silicone caulk is required.

This guarantee is transferable but the original bill must be present for any warranty work to be honored. Transferred warranty timeframe is based on original completion date. If property is sold and then used for rental purposes, all warranties shall be null and void.

If you have any questions call Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing for assistance. Thank you.