Getting ready to sell your home?

Spring is prime time to get your home on the market because it probably looks great. Your landscaping looks fresh and bright. Summer drought hasn’t turned your lawn brown yet. Who wouldn’t want to make a full-price bid, right? A professional realtor or home stager will have plenty of spruce-up ideas once you’re ready to list. But you can get a jump on them by trying these four quick tactics before they show up!

Focus on the basics first.

• Repair anything that’s obviously broken. • Touch up the paint on nicked-up walls. • Clean your carpets. • Move anything you don’t need to storage. Better yet, if you haven’t used it in a year, sell or donate it.

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.

• Refinish worn, chipped countertops and sinks in your kitchen. It’s less expensive than replacing them and it’ll make your kitchen look like new. • Get rid of dated fixtures in your bathroom and replace them with a bright white or neutral tones. • Call Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing for help with these projects. We can get the job done quickly and for less money than you think!

Shed some light on the subject.

• Wash the windows, inside and out. More sunlight will get in and your whole house will seem to sparkle. • Swap out your bright white LEDs in living areas for some with warmer tones. It’ll make your home seem cozier. Not sure which bulbs to buy? Here’s and article that might help: What is color temperature? Choosing the right color LED lights.

Make sure your entryway shines.

• Wash your front door or paint it if it’s worn. • Place a pot of brightly colored flowers near the front door. • Find a spot to tuck away all the stuff that accumulates near the entryway your family uses most. Most of these ideas can be accomplished in a weekend. Even if you’re not getting ready to sell, try a few this weekend and make your home feel like new again!