Throughout the years, bathtubs can become damaged or lose their shine due to regular daily use. If your bathtub is looking drab or damaged, we can have it looking brand new with our professional reglazing services! Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing reglazes tubs of almost any material. Not only is our process eco-friendly, but it is also economical and efficient, allowing you to use your tub the very next day. Located in St. Charles, we serve the entire greater Chicago area. Call the professionals at (847) 650-6271 or request a free quote online now.

Add an Anti-Slip Coating

Every tub refinish includes the option to add an anti-slip coating to the floor of the tub or shower. It’s a cost-effective way to make your tub safer.

When your tub is being refinished, we install a textured application to the floor of your tub. This texture is nearly invisible to the eye and provides a safeguard to the tub’s surface.

The coating is a permanent application that does not need to be removed when cleaning. A suction cup bathmat needs to be removed at the time of cleaning and will destroy the surface when lifted away. Bathmats have an adhesiveness that shrinks, also ripping the finish on the tub.

Since the purpose of the coating is to provide a safeguard, as any surface with water on it can be slick, it will benefit many people. The Anti-Slip Coating is great for the elderly, families with children, or any individual that may consider putting a bathmat in their tub. The coating is strongly suggested for all commercial and rental properties, and in some cases may be required.

The installation normally costs $125.00, but is currently priced at just $75.00. The coating is applied to the entire floor length of the unit, from the drain to the back of the tub.

Unfortunately no. The coating is applied in the middle of the refinishing process. Once the undercoat or primer is applied to the tub, the Anti-Slip Coating can be added before the acrylic urethane (known as the topcoat). After the topcoat is applied, the Anti-Slip Coating cannot be added.

Since it CANNOT be applied after, it is extremely important that you speak with the technician before the reglazing process has begun and advise him or her that you want the Anti-Slip Coating applied.

Tub Refinishing & More

Bathtub refinishing is an economical, eco-friendly way to update your bathroom and achieve a beautiful new look. At Fox Valley, we serve Aurora, Naperville, Sycamore, and other nearby Chicago areas.

In addition to tub reglazing, we also offer countertop, sink, shower, and tile refinishing, as well as bathtub & shower repairs, fiberglass tub repairs, pool step repair, and bathtub conversions. To find out more and request a free quote, call (847) 650-6271.