Choosing the right cleaning supplies for your home is a challenging feat. Amongst the sea of products, you’re searching to find something that is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. Some of the best options are found in your local grocer’s produce and baking aisles including lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and baking soda. At Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing, we are committed to using eco-friendly products. After your bathroom refinishing project is complete, continue the green methodology with your cleaning routine.

Clean Green With Natural Ingredients Including Lemon Vinegar and Baking SodaTop-Down Bathroom Cleaning the Natural Way

Ever feel like you’re spending a fortune on cleaning supplies? Skip the hassle, and declutter your cleaning supply inventory by going green. After your refinishing project is complete, you’ll need just a few key ingredients to keep it looking like new!

Windows and Glass

For a streak-free shine, clean your windows with lemon juice and water. Mix 4 tablespoons lemon juice with 1/2 gallon of water and wipe clean with newspaper.

Sinks and Showers

Sprinkle baking soda onto the surface of your tub and sinks. Using a spray bottle, spritz vinegar on baking soda and allow the mixture to bubble. Scrub into grout and stains, and rinse. While cleaning the basins, soak shower heads in ½ cup of vinegar and one quart of water for 15 minutes or more to remove buildup.


Treat lime-coated surfaces with a vinegar and salt paste. Make a paste with vinegar and salt to rub on fixtures throughout the bathroom. Rinse thoroughly for lime-free fixtures.


Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1-gallon warm water in a bucket. Use this mixture to mop ceramic tile, linoleum, vinyl, or wood flooring. No rinsing required for shiny floors free of grease and grime.


Unclog your drains with the 1-part baking soda to 2-parts vinegar. Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup of vinegar. Once bubbling has stopped, flush the drain with hot water for 5 minutes. Finish by running cold water for 30 seconds.

Start your home improvement off right with eco-friendly and low odor refinishing surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen. After refinishing the bathtub, countertop, sinks, shower, and tile, continue the green routine by cleaning with lemon, baking soda, vinegar, and salt. Contact Fox Valley at (847) 650-6721 to request a free quote on environmentally responsible bathroom and kitchen solutions today!