Got a few days off? You’re probably going to be stuck inside most of this winter. Why not make your home a little more comfortable for your family with these home improvement refreshes?

Kitchen fixes

Which room is the most used in your home? Probably the kitchen. That means it’s the prime candidate for quick updates.
  • Replace that splattered window treatment above your sink. You can find some easy instructions for making your own roman shade at

  • Have us refinish your sink or countertop for a completely new look in just a few days. You can learn more about out sink refinishing services and countertop refinishing services on our website.

  • Replace plastic switchplates and outlet covers with metal or wooden ones. The upgraded look is well worth the minimal home improvement expense.

  • Organize kitchen cabinets by adding wire racks hold sheet pans, cutting boards, cooling racks, etc. upright.

Clear your entry way

Entry ways are always a drop zone for your family’s stuff. Add winter gear and you may find it hard to get in the door! Try some of these ideas to clear the way.
  • Paint your front door. There’s no quicker, easier home improvement project that adds more appeal than paint!
  • Make a tray for drippy boots by filling a jelly-roll pan with stones you can buy at a craft store or maybe even find in your back yard.
  • Does your home have a hall closet? You can make it more useful by doing this quick home improvement project. Remove the doors and add hooks and shelves for storing backpacks, coats, gloves, hats – all the items that get dropped in the entry way. You could even assign a hook and shelf to each family member to keep things organized.
  • If you have room in your entry way, repurpose a dresser from your attic or a flea market into hallway storage. Paint it to match your décor and line the shelves with plastic shelf liner. Bottom drawers can act as storage for shoes and top drawers for hats and gloves. Add a tray on top for keys and mail.

Brighten your bath

  • One quick, easy home improvement project is re-caulking the tub or shower. Not only will it better protect your investment, the bright white caulk will make the whole room feel fresher.

  • Is the whole tub area dull and worn? Let us refinish your tub, tile, sink or countertop. Most tubs can be used the same day we refinish them!

  • Add robe hooks or towel bars near the tub or shower to make them more convenient and minimize puddles.

  • You can quickly give a boring shower a spa-like look with a new shower head. The big, rain-style heads are very popular and reasonably priced. Plus, new models tend to use less water, so you’ll save on your water bill.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!