Due to its durability and resistance to water, tile is a great material for your bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms that are susceptible to moisture damage. Tile is tough, but over time, even the strongest materials can sustain damage. When this occurs, tile refinishing enables you to maintain the tile’s aesthetic without having to replace it completely. Continue reading to learn more about the top three benefits of tile refinishing from the team at Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing.

The Benefits of Tile Refinishing

1. Versatile Design Choices

Refinishing your tile enables you to change its appearance to create a new color scheme without replacing it entirely. You can apply a fresh top coat to the tiles after refinishing them to match new countertops or sink. While keeping the same look with a clear coating is the popular choice, you can opt for a change to the tile finish color. This is a simple technique to guarantee that the tile complements the space.

2. Brand New Look

Refinishing, also referred to as tile glazing, restores the tile’s original appearance and strengthens its resilience to stains and damage. When friends and relatives come to visit, they will be impressed by the gleaming surface even though the tile may be older. The new finish will stop the tiles from absorbing liquids so that they don’t discolor. This also helps protect the area behind or under the tile from water and chemicals.

3. Save Time and Money

Since the process of installing tile requires a lot of time and labor, the cost of removal, replacement, and installation is usually high. You might also need to change architectural details or appliances to make room for the new tile. On the other hand, tile refinishing allows you to modernize the current tiles, helping you avoid additional costs. This lets you use the funds for more improvements and projects.

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