We know you’ll have questions when considering a professional refinishing company like Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing. If you’re looking for bathtub refinishing, or thinking of having another surface refinished- continue reading to get answers and discover how we’ve become the industry leader in the Fox Valley and Chicago Suburbs.

What are VOCs?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of carbon-based chemicals. Common symptoms of exposure to VOCs include: Eye, nose and throat irritation, Headaches, Nausea / Vomiting, Dizziness and Worsening of asthma symptoms. Most all refinishing companies use coatings that contain high levels of VOC’s.

How is it then safe to have your fixtures refinished?
By using Green technology in the refinishing industry. Why don’t all companies us the green technology then? The answer is simple, cost! Living and breathing in a healthier world is important to Fox Valley Bathtub refinishing. Providing the safest environment for our employees and customers is essential- we believe in using the safest possible products.

Which coating do we use?

We use the very best coating on the market today–GreenTech. Green-Tech employs the same two-component Glas-Tech 9000 acrylic urethane technology that has been so popular and that has played such a dominant role in the bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing industry since 1985.

With over 40,000,000 successful applications worldwide, this proven formula is now available in an eco-friendly, green version that meets U.S. EPA standards for volatile organic compound emissions.

The secret to this coating system’s durability lies in the unique resin-rich layer that forms on top of the coating as it is applied and reaches cure. What you see cosmetically is a super high gloss finish and superior distinction of image is actually is a barrier layer that makes Green-Tech highly resistant to impacts, chemicals, and moisture.

This time tested topcoat is also 100% UV resistant and colorfast. Leaving the customer with a green, eco-friendly porcelain-like coating. Also this coating dries in only 4 hours, allowing the customer to use the bathtub in the same day! Green-Tech is backed by our 10 Year Warranty!

What about overspray?

We use the strongest Professional Ventilation system for this industry. Minimizing odors along with virtually no overspray. Providing your family with a friendly and safe refinishing experience. Many refinishers use a store bought box fan, resulting in overspray throughout your home because the cost of a professional ventilation system is expensive and time consuming to setup.

How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?

Refinishing a bathtub usually takes 4 hours. More time may be needed depending on the bathtub’s condition.

When can I use my Bathtub?

Your bathtub can be used 4 hrs after it has been refinished. Refinish It Today & Use It tonight™

What if there is rust in/around the drain?

Not a problem, the rust can be grinded out and the drain professionally repaired back to a beautiful finish. Also recommended is a drain sleeve, which helps make a tight seal, so that the water will not leak causing the rust to happen again. No plumber needed!

I have some chips in my bathtub, do I need to refinish the whole bathtub?

No, but every case is different. Most refinishing companies will not do chip repairs because they are either untrained or just dishonest. Chip repair is truly an art. Getting a perfect color match is both an art and a science, something we know only the top technicians can achieve. We’re happy to advise and provide the best solution options for you. Contact us for more info and answers.

Should I “refinish” or “reglaze”?

Refinishing and reglazing are interchangeable in this industry. Both words have the same meaning, there is no difference. Bathtub painting is what low cost, un-trained, cheap contractors provide. Leaving you with a Bathtub that has failed and a poor warranty.

Removal of masking paper and caulking your bathtub

Many refinishing companies mis-lead the customer by not including the removal of masking paper and caulking in there price quote. This is intended to give a low price in hopes of getting the job. Once they have the job, they upcharge for the removal of the masking paper and caulking of the bathtub. This is very shady and just plain wrong ! While some refinishing companies don’t even attempt to remove the masking paper and caulk. FVBR pricing includes the removal of masking paper and a professional caulk job on residential jobs. There are at times depending on the job, when caulking after refinishing is just not able to be completed. Removal of masking paper and caulking is not included on commercial jobs.

Anti-Slip Coating

A bathtub can be very slippery after it has been refinished. A slip in the bathtub could result in injury, many home accidents occur in the bathtub. The A.D.A (American disabilities Act) mandates that since 1990 that all tubs should have this feature. Our anti-slip coating is different that most, our anti-slip coating is just that a coating. It is applied after the primer but before our top coat. Therefore locking the anti-slip coating into place. Many people are under the mis-belief that this will make the tub harder to clean and that is simply not the case. Bath Mats are not to be used on refinished bathtubs, which can discourage many potential buyers if your looking to sell your home.

Acid Etch

Etch is the single most important step in reglazing porcelain (cast iron, steel) to achieve a long lasting bond. Etch creates tiny pores in the surface that bonds the epoxy and topcoat to the surface. Not using etch is just being plain lazy and results in a cheap refinished tub ! Without etching coatings will fail and peel. Etch must be used by a trained professional, which is why many of the franchises are not willing to use this important step. The franchise company’s liability, along with poorly trained technicians cause them to mis-lead the customer. Telling them the Etch is not needed with “their” system. The biggest misconception is Etch is harmful to your plumbing which is simple just not true. Once the etch is washed with water it becomes diluted, safe for your plumbing.


Acid Etch

Etch is the single most important step in refinishing porcelain (cast iron, steel) to achieve a long lasting bond. Etch creates tiny pores in the surface that helps bond the primers to the topcoat.  Using this proven process will result in a great looking surface that will last for many years.


“Re-porcelainize”, use of synthetic porcelain or spraying porcelain

All of these terms are misleading and just not correct ! Porcelain is fired at a very high temperature in the manufacturing process and because of that can not be reproduced in your bathroom or synthetically sprayed. Avoid these snake oil sales companies. FVBR use (green TECH) the highest grade available of acrylic urethane made from Hawk Labs, which is designed for bath and tile refinishing. Results are a Green Eco-friendly porcelain like coating. Other cheap refinishers use anything from house paint to automotive paint. All which fail and result in the homeowner throwing there money down the drain.

Not all coatings are the same, know what your refinisher is using

Not all coatings are the same…. Epoxy or a 48 hr coating is a slow acting coating. This coating takes a long time to setup and yellows over a short period of time. The epoxy tube tends to have a textured look, not a smooth finish. Many tubs that are finished in epoxy are prone to have small runs, drips in the corners and the cost of the epoxy coating for the refinisher is cheap. The 24 hr acrylic urethane has durability, gloss, chemical and water resistance but contains higher level of VOC’s. Which is not good for your family, technicians and or the environment.

Triple Bond Primer Protection

Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing is the only refinishing company with the Triple Bond Primer system. With Etch (see above), silane and epoxy you have the best available primer system in the Industry. Silane is a adhesion promoter, in common terms it is a thick clear super glue which is applied to the fixture to provide a chemical bond. This chemical bond is so strong even NASA, ocean liners and the commercial aircraft industry uses silane. The last part of the “triple bond” primer is the epoxy coating. The epoxy coating is designed as a high build, high tack intercoat adhesion primer excellent for difficult to coat substrates, along with it’s high build properties and ideal form-filling for minor defects in the surface.

To recap, Triple bond primer means: Etch, Silane (a clear super glue) and an Epoxy primer. Leaving the tub with the strongest possible bond. Giving the customer 15 to 20 years of use before the tub would need to be touched up or redone

Why don’t all refinishing companies use this system? Because it costs more money and takes more time. Fox valley bathtub refinishing believes in using the best products available to produce the highest quality finish. It’s that simple!

Tub and Shower Inlays

Are a quick fix for damaged bottoms in bathtubs and showers. It does not correct the subsurface or why there was damage to the bottom of the fixture. It’s putting a band-aid over the problem. Also after use of the inlay, the edges start to flare up resulting in water getting under the inlay, potentially creating mold.

Be weary of the one stop shop

Many construction companies may think they can simply “paint” your tub. This is a joke! Many contractors try to do it themselves to save money and not hire a professional. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do electrical work in your home, you would hire a trained electrician. Refinishing is a highly skilled trade, unfortunately the homeowner does not realize this, until the bill has been paid and the cheap refinishers tub is peeling a month later.

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