Our environmentally friendly coatings contain less VOCs then any other product being used by other refinishing companies. GREEN-TECH by Hawk Labs is environmentally friendly and meets or exceeds local, state and federal rules for V.O.C .emissions.

Eco-Friendly Tub Refinishing

Providing a safe environment for our technicians and customers is essential. We believe safe products and healthy environments should be important to everyone. That’s why we use Green products.

Clawfoot Tub

Our coating Green-Tech employs the same two-component Glas-Tech 9000 acrylic urethane technology that has been so popular and that has played such a dominant role in the bathtub, tile, & countertop refinishing industry since 1985.

With over 40,000,000 successful applications worldwide, this proven formula is now available in an eco-friendly version that meets U.S. EPA standards for volatile organic compound emissions.


The secret to this coating system’s durability is the unique resin-rich layer that forms on top as it’s applied and cures.

What you see cosmetically as a super high-gloss finish and superior distinction is actually is a barrier layer that makes GREEN-TECH highly resistant to impacts, chemicals, and moisture. This time tested topcoat is also 100% UV resistant and colorfast.

This results in a beautiful Eco-friendly porcelin like coating that dries in 4 hours. Allowing the customer to use the bathtub in the same day!