Our area is full of amazing homes with beautifully designed original vintage bathroom fixtures and materials. Unfortunately, many are also showing their age. No matter which harsh chemicals you use or how hard you scrub, you can’t get the tub, sink and tiles as shiny as you’d like.

Is there any way to restore vintage bathrooms to their original beauty?

One option is to completely replace the vintage fixtures with new replicas. But is that the best option for for your home? First, it’ll be expensive. According to Houzz.com, basic bathroom remodeling projects cost upwards of $12,000. A single cast iron claw foot tub can cost $3,000 or more. Even if you don’t mind the cost, you have to be prepared to live without that bathroom for a week or more while the remodelers tear out those completely functional vintage fixtures and rebuild the whole thing with new fixtures.

Alternatives to remodeling your bathroom

So how can you return your vintage bathroom to its original beauty without the expense or hassle? Fortunately, there’s a family-owned and operated bathtub refinisher located right in the Fox Valley. The professionally-trained refinishing technicians from Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing have the knowledge and skill to restore that great-looking antique bathtub or sink in no time at significant savings. Take a look at the claw foot tub we recently refinished for a local family and you’ll see what we mean.

But what about the impact on the environment?

Families all over the Fox Valley are concerned about the environmental impact of the decisions they make as homeowners. Toxic chemicals and over-full landfills are among the top concerns of local families. Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing works exclusively with Hawk Labs to offer a unique, environmentally-safe coating system for tubs, showers, sinks and counter tops. This family-friendly product contains fewer VOCs than the products used by many of our competitors. Plus, by not replacing your bathroom fixtures, you’ll minimize the impact on the local landfill!

Work with a local company

Browse our website to learn more about our business philosophy and all the bathroom remodeling services we offer homeowners. Then contact us to learn about how Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing can help restore your dingy bathroom to its original, authentic beauty.