When it’s time to renovate your bathroom in your St. Charles, IL home, there are a lot of choices you have to make in the process. A brand-new bathtub alone can be a big decision. You have to balance design choice with cost, not to mention how much time it will take to do the remodel versus the time that will work with your schedule. What if we told you that a refinished tub may just save you time and money, and look like a new bathtub? Here are Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing‘s top reasons to refinish your bathtub.

Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing Chicago

1. Cost-Effective

Did you know that bathtub refinishing can cost you 75-85% less than a bathtub replacement? That’s because you are re-using what you already own and not dealing with longer installation and labor costs. The final product is beautiful and it saves you a significant amount of money. 

2. Time-Saving

Life doesn’t stop when you update your home. That’s why we complete our work in a timely manner. Refinishing your tub is done in less than a day, and your bathtub can be used as early as the next day. No costly, long-term renovation hassles here–We do the job well in a reasonable time frame so you can enjoy your beautiful product that much sooner.

3. Eco-Friendly

Instead of throwing away an old tub, what better way to be kind to the environment than by giving a makeover to what you already own? Not only does this save space in the landfill, but we make sure to use eco-friendly products that help protect customers from VOCs, which are chemicals that can be harmful to your respiratory system. 

4. Long-Lasting Solution

We have perfected the art of tub-refinishing. We use a three-step chemical process with proven adhesion that offers you a durable and beautiful bathtub with a porcelain-like finish. You can rest assured that the surface will last. We even offer a warranty on our work.

If you’re in St. Charles or the surrounding area and need your tub refinished, call Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing at (847) 650-6271 to request a free quote today! You’ll be glad you did.