Countertops are the focal point of the kitchen, one of the rooms you spend the most time in preparing food, eating, and gathering with friends. Countertop refinishing improves the appearance of the surface and also adds value to your home. Serving the Chicago area, Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing is located in St. Charles and uses eco-friendly products to refinish the surface and extend the life of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Call Fox Valley at (847) 650-6271 to request a free quote.

Quick, Easy, and Economical

Completely replacing a countertop can take weeks or even months, in addition to creating a huge mess at an exorbitant cost. But to refinish laminate countertops is much less expensive and time-consuming. Our countertop refinishing services:

At Fox Valley, we will refinish laminate countertops in your kitchen or bathroom and have them ready to use again within 24 hours. We can refinish laminate countertops, as well as Corian, acrylic, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces.

Refinishing Countertops Will Update Your Style

Most countertops have a solid foundation, but the color may be dated or the surface damaged from minor surface stains, burns, and knife cuts. We offer a wide variety of color options for you to choose from, allowing you to create the kitchen of your dreams! We professionally apply your chosen finish color over the existing countertop, changing the surface. Our customers love our long-lasting and durable countertops, not to mention our warranty.

Request Your Free Quote

Are you tired of your outdated kitchen or bathroom but avoiding change because of renovation costs? Fox Valley’s countertop refinishing services can save you money and mess, all while providing you with a beautifully restored surface. Serving Naperville, Sycamore, Aurora, Elgin, and the surrounding St. Charles area, call Fox Valley at (847) 650-6271 to find out more about our services and to request a free quote.