Refinishing your bathtub (also called Reglazing) is a more economical approach than removing your old tub and leaving your bathroom out of order for weeks.

Many homeowners simply refinish because their current tub finish has become dull, damaged, or rusted. All of these issues are usually repaired within 4 hours with our Green-Tech application method. Once the refinishing process is done, your bathtub will have a smooth, manufactured porcelain like glossy finish that will look great and be easy to clean and maintain!


Bathtub Refinishing Process

We start with the removal of caulk and perform a vigorous cleaning with industrial cleaner to remove the existing finish. We then follow with etching for porcelain tubs which creates tiny pores that bond to our primer and top coat. For fiberglass and plastic fixtures sanding is needed. Any repairs are fixed using high grade marine polyester and or carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass filler.

Next is the application of our exclusive priming system. Known as “Triple Bond Primer“. It’s bulletproof! You’ll find that almost all refinishing companies do not perform this step due to the added cost and time, but we take the extra care to get the job done right- the first time.

After the triple bond protection, the top coat is applied. Three coats of high performance Green-Tech Acrylic Urethane is applied. Utilizing the latest advances in curing agent technology, resulting in a manufactured porcelain like finish- allowing the fixture to be used later that day.


Tub Refinishing Cleanup

When the job is done, we thoroughly clean around the work area, treating your home as if it was ours. Most refinishing companies do not provide this step and the few companies that do charge extra after the fact.


Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing uses the strongest Professional Ventilation system for this industry. Minimizing odors along with virtually no overspray. Providing your family with a friendly Bathtub Refinishing experience.

Most refinishers only use a store bought box fan, resulting in overspray throughout your home because of the cost of a professional ventilation system and time intensive setup. We go the extra mile to win your business.

In about 4 hours your Bathtub is refinished….. It’s that easy!

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Professionally refinished in 4 hours. Guaranteed for 10 years.
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