Showing refinishing (also called resurfacing or recoloring) is often required when a fiberglass shower or tub has lost the original finish or simply to change the color and appearance of the shower.

Affordable Shower Refinishing

Problems with fiberglass bathtubs and showers can be quickly and easily solved without replacing the entire fixture. Our customer’s fiberglass showers and tubs are refinished without removing the unit.

Shower refinishing is an attractive and affordable alternative to full replacement. With our help, you can avoid the effort and hassle of having a contractor pull out your old tub or shower, not to mention the risk of damage to walls, floors, and pipes.

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Our experts will determine the cause of the problem and repair any cracks, chips, or breaks. With our industry leading refinishing process, your bathroom and shower will look new again! Our wide variety of color and texture options result in the modern look you want at an affordable price.

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Looking to Change Color?

Many customers refinish their shower to change the color. Rather than spending energy and money on replacement, simply contact us for a free consultation and quote. Our shower refinishing experts will answer any questions you may have.

Refinish It Today... Use it Tonight!

Professionally refinished in 4 hours. Guaranteed for 10 years.
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