Are you or a loved one starting to struggle a bit with entering or exiting the shower? It can be difficult to step into and out of a tub with a high wall. While it is possible to tear out the whole tub and replace it with a fully tiled stand-up shower, that can be a big expensive job. A tub-to-shower conversion allows you to keep your current tub while simply adding an accessibility step making it much easier to enter and exit the shower. Here are some benefits to converting your tub from the team at Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing.

Benefits of a Tub to Shower Conversion

Safe and Accessible

As mentioned above, it can be difficult to step over the wall of the tub, especially if the area is wet. With an accessibility step, you or your loved one can simply walk right into the shower without the fear of tripping over the wall of the tub.

Versatile Conversion

During the bathtub-to-shower conversion, we’ll install a Safety Step. This step can be added to any type of tub such as high-profile, porcelain, or fiberglass. Plus, we can add a water-tight door that allows for the tub to still be used as a tub if needed.

Saves Time and Money

Completely removing a bathtub and having to add new fixtures and tile to that entire area will take a long time and cost quite a bit of money. By simply removing a section of your current tub and replacing it with a Safety Step, you’ll keep money in your pocket and have contractors in your home for less time.

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