Making your home more accessible is a big undertaking. With help from the team at Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing, however, making your bathroom safe and accessible is easier than ever. In a matter of hours, we will convert your tub into a walk-in accessible shower for a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

What Is a Conversion Tub?

Traditional style bathtubs pose a significant problem for customers looking to transition to a more accessible home. To remedy this problem, we convert tubs to accessible walk-in showers. Our team cuts the existing tub and installs a CleanCut Safety Step in the opening. The addition of this step creates a low-profile entry, instantly making your tub safer and more accessible.

Can You Convert My Tub?

We can convert any type of tub into an accessible shower, including porcelain, cast iron, steel, cultured marble, fiberglass, and acrylic. We can even convert high-profile tubs by installing an ultra-low step. We are also able to convert tubs with sliding glass doors. However, in this case, we must remove the sliding doors and recommend using a shower curtain in their place. Accessibility steps are not ideal for use in claw-foot tubs, bathtubs with jets, or bathtubs with liners.

Can I Still Take a Bath?

If you still prefer to use your bathtub for bathing, we can install a water-tight door on the accessible step. This allows customers to choose between bathing or showering. To take a bath, simply open the door when entering the tub, latch it shut, and fill the tub. Be sure to drain the tub completely prior to opening the door and exiting!

Request a Quote

To receive a free quote on our tub-to-shower conversion services, contact Fox Valley today at (847) 650-6271. Located in St. Charles, we serve customers in Aurora, Elgin, Geneva, Naperville, and the surrounding Chicago areas. In addition to performing tub-to-shower conversions, we also offer a variety of other restoration services, including bathtub and shower repairs, countertop refinishing, tile refinishing, bathtub refinishing, and more.