Kitchen countertops are subject to a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Hot pans, knife cuts, and spills all take a toll. For an affordable alternative to countertop replacement in the greater Chicago area, invest in countertop refinishing services with Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing

Countertop Refinishing Services

What Is Countertop Refinishing?

Generally, most homeowners want to replace countertops because of appearance, not function. The core of the countertop is fine, but the surface is either outdated or damaged from years of use. In such cases, countertop refinishing is a great option for updating the appearance of the countertop without removing or replacing it. In less than one business day, we can transform your old countertops into sparkling new ones, with our proven adhesion process and eco-friendly products.

How Does It Work?

For all of our refinishing services, we use the same proven process and eco-friendly products to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results. We begin by cleaning the counter and repairing nicks, gouges, and deep scratches. We then acid-etch the surface and employ our triple adhesion system. Our technicians will apply silane (an adhesion promoter) to the surface; this promoter is so strong that it is used by NASA, ocean liners, and the commercial aircraft industry! We then apply the epoxy coating to provide a glossy, durable finish.

Benefits of Refinishing

At Fox Valley, we will provide you with beautiful, like-new countertops in your color of choice, within 24 hours! Refinishing is best suited for laminate countertops, as well as Corian, acrylic, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces. Plus, on average, countertop refinishing costs 60-70% less than the purchase of a new countertop. You will not find a more environmentally friendly, affordable, or long-lasting alternative to updating your countertops anywhere else.

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If you are ready to quickly and affordably update your kitchen, contact Fox Valley at (847) 650-6271. In addition to countertop refinishing, we also provide the following services: bathtub refinishing, fiberglass repair, shower refinishing, sink refinishing, and tile refinishing. Request a free quote online and begin the simple process of updating your kitchen countertops today.