Many people think a damaged tub is a hopeless cause. Fortunately, the father-son team at Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing is here to prove them wrong. We use state-of-the art materials and techniques to repair and refinish even the most severely damaged of tubs. In fact, we are so confident in our work that we offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our services!

Shower and Tub Repair

Damage Is Common

Time takes a toll on the appearance and durability of all kinds of bathtubs. Fiberglass, for example, is flexible and, if not properly supported, will crack over time. Similarly, abrasive cleaners will erode the tub’s finish, making the surface brittle and more susceptible to staining and scratching. Enameled tubs are known to chip and rust over time, and acrylic tubs will eventually scratch or become discolored. Moral of the story? All tubs will sustain some form of damage over time.

There Are Options

Fortunately, the team at Fox Valley can repair all types of bathtub and shower materials, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic
  • Cultured marble
  • Vitreous china

Our bathtub repair services will make chips, scratches, cracks, leaks, and holes disappear! Most tub repairs are conducted using an epoxy-type filler and then finished with an air-brush technique to achieve a flawless finish. We also provide exact color matching to make the repair completely invisible.

Leaks Are Fixable

Cracked and/or leaking tub floors are dangerous. Not only are they unsightly, but they allow water to leak into the underlying structure, resulting in wood rot and mold issues. If your tub or shower floor is significantly damaged, our professional shower inlay repair service is the answer! Our professionally installed shower inlays are melted and fused to the bottom of the tub, thereby sealing all leaks and providing a flawless new tub floor. Furthermore, our inlays will never crack, wear out, or delaminate!

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Fox Valley provides professional bathtub repair and refinishing services in St. Charles, Aurora, Sycamore, Naperville, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (847) 650-6271 for more information or request a free quote now. In addition to tub repair services, we also provide countertop refinishing, sink refinishing, tile refinishing, and bathtub conversions.