Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing transforms damaged and dated bathtubs to like-new condition in just one day. As skilled technicians, we use our proven adhesion process to create a finish of the highest quality, both in beauty and durability. Refinished tubs, however, are not indestructible; homeowners must do their part to maintain their integrity and appearance. Here are some simple tips on caring for your refinished tub or shower that will keep it looking great for many years to come.

Tub Refinishing

1. Keep It Clean

Bathtubs and showers should be cleaned frequently to keep soap scum, mineral deposits, and stains from becoming a problem. Drying the shower after each use is one of the most efficient ways to keep the tub clean and free of stains. Additionally, clean the tub with a liquid, non-abrasive cleaner every two weeks to kill germs and remove residue. Tubs that get a lot of use may need to be cleaned more frequently.

2. Recommended Cleaning Products

Refinished tubs are quite durable, but they do require some special care to maintain their glossy appearance. We recommend using liquid non-abrasive cleaners. These cleaners are highly effective at preventing soap scum and mildew from developing. Homeowners must be vigilant about cleaning, however, because mildew can be difficult to remove once it has set in. We recommend the following products:

  • Blue Scotch-Brite pads (non-scratch)
  • Zep Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner
  • 409
  • Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Vinegar and water mixture

Whichever cleaner you choose, be sure to thoroughly rinse the tub with water after each cleaning.

3. Things to Avoid

Never use abrasive cleaners on a refinished surface. Abrasive Scotch-Brite pads and sponges, hard-bristle brushes, Magic Erasers, and steel wool soap pads will degrade and dull the surface. Similarly, never use powder or scrub gels (like Ajax or Soft Scrub), bleach, or ammonia. Finally, avoid oil or wax-based cleaners such as Pine-Sol, as they can leave a waxy residue that dulls the finish of the tub.

Experienced and Trusted

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