The dawning of a new year often brings resolutions for change and improvement. This 2024, why not start in your St. Charles home, specifically in your bathroom? This is the year to embrace eco-friendly practices and be kind to the planet with a little help from the pros at Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing. We may be the bathtub refinishing pros, but we also value a green approach to life. Here are five steps toward greener living, particularly in the bathroom.

Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing St Charles Eco-Friendly

1. Lighten Up with LED Light Bulbs

In your quest to become more eco-friendly, a small but important step starts with your light bulbs. Conventional incandescent bulbs can waste up to 90% of energy as heat! Switching to LED bulbs, which offer up to 80% more energy efficiency than traditional bulbs, is a clear first choice. These bright little changes can make a big difference.

2. Embrace Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Increasingly, bathroom products are getting green makeovers, and toilet paper is no exception. Opting for toilet paper made from recycled materials or fast-growing bamboo can substantially reduce deforestation and water use. Remember – every square of paper counts. If you have younger family members, talk with them about how much toilet paper they use. Your plumbing and the environment will thank you.

3. Breathe New Life Into Your Bathtub

Is your bathtub looking a little worse for wear? Before you consider replacing it, think about the environmental implications. Bathtub refinishing is a great way to restore your tub’s sparkle while conserving energy and reducing landfill waste. In addition, giving your existing tub a rebirth rather than replacing it can be a great money-saver. Eco-friendly is also wallet-friendly.

4. Every Light Off Counts

We’re all guilty of leaving lights on when they’re not needed. This unnecessary energy consumption can be easily corrected by making it a habit to turn off lights when you leave a room. If more people make this a regular practice, it can have a drastic impact on energy usage in your geographic area. This is especially helpful during extreme temperatures. Make it a goal this year to be conscious of your light usage, turning off lights every time you leave the bathroom.

5. Use Organic Cleaning Products

Many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that harm your health and the environment. Transition to organic bathroom cleansers that are just as effective. Your bathroom stays clean, and Mother Earth stays green. Win-win!

Becoming eco-friendly is not an overnight process, but gradually incorporating these tips into your daily routines can make an enormous difference. Start your 2024 by taking these small steps towards an eco-friendly bathroom, and bathe in the satisfaction of contributing to a greener planet.

If you plan to remodel your bathroom with a green approach, Fox Valley Bathtub Refinishing is here to help. We’re your trusted partner in bathtub repair and refinishing services for the St Charles, Batavia, Geneva, Elgin, Naperville, Aurora, Shabbona, and Sycamore areas. Contact us at (847) 650-6271 or request a quote online today. A cleaner, greener new year awaits you right in your bathroom!